Connecting to the Proxy With Safari


Safari does not have it’s own Internet proxy settings, it takes the settings from Internet Explorer.

To Set up your Safari browser to access the proxy, first open internet explorer and select the tools menu option.

Then Select Internet options.
If you do not have Internet Explorer installed on your PC, go control panel first and find “internet Options” in there. The instruction are the same from this point forward.

Click on the connections tab at the top of the Dialog box.

Click the LAN Settings button.

Then select the tick box for “Use a proxy server for your LAN”

Enter the IP address and the port address 3128

Click OK to accept these settings and restart Internet Explorer for the settings to take effect.

After Explorer restarts you will be asked to supply your Proxy Server UK Username and Password.

Not if you start Google Chrome it too will ask you for a Username and password.

This was supplied to you via PayPal at the time of subscribing.

You are now surfing through your proxy server.

We would howver reccomend you use either firefox or Internet Explorer When connectig to the proxy as they have their own setups for doing this.

March 23, 2012


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