Connecting to the Proxy With Firefox


Once you have subscribed to the proxy service, you will be sent a welcome email with your username in that starts “pp-”.

Also your password is in your PayPal account in the subscriptions section, you will need both of these before you commence the setup.

Follow these instructions to set up your device.

How to Set up Firefox to Access ProxyServerUK services.

First of all start your Firefox browser.

Select Tools from the menu bar, followed by Options.

From here you should select Advanced followed by the Network Tab.
Click the Settings… button in the connection area of the dialog box next to the text “Configure how Firefox connects to the internet”

In the next dialog you need to select the following options:‐
Manual Proxy Configuration
Port: 3128
Use this Proxy server for all protocols should be ticked.
No proxy for: Localhost,

Click OK, restart your browser and then you will be asked to login to the proxy service.

This was supplied to you via PayPal at the time of subscribing.

Congratulations you are now connected to the Proxy Server in the UK.

March 15, 2012


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