Connecting an Iphone or Ipad to the Proxy Server.


Important Proxy server connections only work on WiFi with is limitation imposed by Apple not our service.

1. Go to the Settings Application
2. Go to General > Network > Wi-Fi
3. Select Wi-Fi connection you want to use with HTTP Proxy and connect
4. Edit Wi-Fi connection, scroll down and find “Proxy HTTP “ and press on “Manual” , here
we need to fill all proxy connection settings.
HTPP Proxy:
Port: 3128
5. Next switch on Authentication.
6. Fill in your username and password. username starts with pp-, password supplied to you Via PayPal.

Note: Due to limitations of the Apple devices proxies only work when you have a Wi-Fi connection to the internet and not on 3G this is the same for all proxy services and cannot be altered on the device or on the service, If you have roaming Wi-Fi you have to set it up for each network you connect to, once this has been done the IPhone will remember the settings each time you connect to that Wi-Fi network.

March 15, 2012


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