Connect to the proxy with Andriod


Once you have subscribed to the proxy service, you will be sent a welcome email with your username in that starts “pp-”.

Also your password is in your PayPal account in the subscriptions section, you will need both of these before you commence the setup.

Follow these instructions to set up your device.

Settings -> Wi-Fi.

Make sure you are connected to a WiFI network and have a good signal.

Press and hold on your network that you want to use the Proxy on and select ‘Modify network’.

Scroll down to ‘Show advanced options’ and tap, which should show you the proxy options.

Select Manual in the “Proxy Settings”

Put the proxy server address into “Proxy hostname”

Put the port number into “Proxy port”

Leave the “Bypass proxy for” setting blank unless you have sites that you don’t want to use on the proxy.

Leave “IP settings” on DHCP

Save the settings

Start the browser and you will be asked for Proxserver UK Username and Password, These are in you Paypal account under subscriptions, and we emailed you user username that stats with “PP-”
These are case sensitive.

Then browse to the player you want to use and use it through the browser rather than the apps.



August 19, 2013


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