Download your bitcoin blockchain and chain state here

The files you are downloading are compressed, they are in a zip store to keep the files together and the folder structure intact.

The block chain is about 80gb in size and the chain state is about 2 gb in size these grow daily.
When uncompressed they will be about 100gb so you will need at least this space free on your PC data drive to use the bitcon block chain. We recommend downloading the files to a separate drive to your blockchain.

you can alter the data drive of you bitcoin core by adding the command line to the shortcut to specify the data directory.

for example “C:\Program Files\Bitcoin\bitcoin-qt.exe” -datadir=z:\blockchain

note the -datadir command you change the z:\blockchain part to your data drive on your system.

eg.g “C:\Program Files\Bitcoin\bitcoin-qt.exe” -datadir=d:\bitcoin

this way the bitcoin core app resides on the c: drive and the blockchain is on a drive that has lots of space available

Warning do not run the bitcoin core app before you have integrated the downloads from our site in to the correct directory.

The zip files when uncompressed to this location will create the correct folder structure for you.

By not using any compression make the in-zipping 10 x faster than using compression.

As they are such large files aprox 68 gb.

Currently to sync anew bitcoin core block chain it will take over 1 weeks of you PC being on 24 hours a day.
Even the peer to peer free downloads you can find will take 3 days to download the files and then a few hours to unpack and then another 2 days to sync the bitcoin to be upto date.

The method below will take you about 20 hours depending on the speed of your internet connection. ( for 8 mbs connection)

If you have a super fast 200mbs connection that it could take you as little a s 1 hour to get up and running.

But on average at 20mbs it will take about 8 hours (download while you sleep)


Click here to start the chainstate download

Download estimate, 3 mins at 20 mbs or 11 mins at 8mbs connection speed


Click here to start the download (not full version yet only 36gb is available)

Download estimate, 3 mins at 20 mbs or 11 mins at 8mbs connection speed