Auto setup script file


Once you have subscribed to the proxy service, you will be sent a welcome email with your username in that starts “pp-”.

Also your password is in your PayPal account in the subscriptions section, you will need both of these before you commence the setup.


These files can be used to set up your proxy service for Windows PC only on the following browsers. (See MAC section for MAC instructions)

  • Internet Explorer.
  • Google Chrome.
  • Safari.

One file turns on the proxy and the other will turn it off.

We do recommended that you also learn how to do this manually, so please read the other documents here as well.

We recommend that you download this .Zip file and uncompress it to your desktop.
That will create 2 files named:-


These files are both registry files and all they do is change the Internet options to switch on and off the proxy and add the correct proxy address for the server you need to connect to to use the service. The changes made are exactly the same as the Internet Explorer manual for the setting up section of this website

After UN-Zipping the files you need to double click on the icon you want to active to switch on or off the proxy.

Remember after activating the proxyserveruk-on icon when you start your browser you will be asked for you username and password as supplied to you when you signed up.


Important : – make sure that you have closed all of your Internet browser windows before using these files, or they will have no effect.

So click the big Icon below and download the files now.



Proxyserver UK


March 23, 2012


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